1914 Model 43

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The work begins

Well it s taken about 7 or 8 years but we have finally started tearing down the Detroit so we can get her back on the road. We have decided that at this time we are only restoring the drive train and that we will leave the exterior and interior pretty much in the condition we found it. Sure we will replace the broken windows, clean up and repaint the floor boards and replace the pretty much non existent firewall.

The motor is in surprisingly good condition. Apparently they kept shoving more grease into it but never allowed the old grease to come out so it was pretty much saturated with grease. That meant no rusting or other damage to any of the components. The fields are getting rewrapped and the armature is being cleaned, tested and resealed. The wiring is brittle and very stiff so we will be getting a new harness made. The speed controller has been taken completely apart, cleaned and reassembled. The wood parts were painted black but I decided to sand them down and varnish them so it is obvious what those parts were made out of. I really think it came out great with just the right look. Here are a a few pictures to show the before and after. I really hated cleaning off the patina but this unit must be functional and that means it needed to be cleaned and rebuilt

Got the wiring back from Rhode Island Wire, Mark and the crew did an amazing job



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